German tutor in Witney

We are looking for a qualified German tutor for a number of beginner and intermediate classes in Witney. The tuition will take place during working hours. Each group will consist of up to 15 delegates. Interested or do you know somebody who might be suitable for this assignment? Please get in touch!

St. Peter and St. Paul’s RC, Catholic Voluntary

“Brigitte is a conscientious, detail-oriented, honest business woman with a passion for languages and translation. She offers tuition, translation and interpreting services.” Susan McEwan – Invigilator at St. Peter and St. Paul’s RC, Catholic Voluntary


“Working for Brigitte and her company was a real pleasure at the time when I was a freelance translator. She is trustworthy, reactive and very available. Her company was amongst the most reliable translation agencies I have worked for. I felt respected and cared for and I have never had to deal with any payment issue in […]

Cultural Awareness Workshops about the UK and Saudi Arabia

Cultural Awareness Tutors needed We are looking for Tutors to deliver two workshops in Bristol. The first group of delegates are from the UK and need to learn about Etiquettes, Country Background Information etc. about Saudi Arabia. Part of the training will also be the teaching of some basic Arabic language phrases. The second group […]

Qualified English tutor

Looking for a qualified English tutor We are looking for a qualified English tutor in Worcester, West Midlands. Tuition will take place at our client’s premises during working hours. Although the delegate is a Basic Learner, we are looking for an experienced tutor who can teach at all levels. For further information please get in […]

Greek & Latvian Voice-Over Artists

Health & Safety Video in Greek and Latvian Our client has produced a Health & Safety Video. They asked us to translate the script into Greek and Latvian. As soon as the translated scripts will have been signed off, native Greek & Latvian Voice Over Artists will record them. Our voice-over talents will receive a […]

Korean into English translators needed

We have a short (just under 1600 words) but urgent translation from Korean into English. It is paramount that the linguist is a native English speaker. The source text for this translation gives some background information needed to enable our client to prepare a quotation. Please send us your CV  the name of 2 referees and your rates per […]

English tutor in Norway required

Urgently required: English tutors to deliver three different short courses at intermediate and advanced level plus a technical course. The advanced level will include a technical element. Technical Materials will be provided. The tuition will be delivered at the premises of our client: We have not yet received the exact location but know that it […]

German to English construction/contractual

All our usual translators in this field of specialism are either busy or on holiday. We have a document with a source word count of just under 4500 words. The document is quite complicated and requires linguists with experience in contracts as well as in the construction industry. Please see below a sample text. If […]