English tutor in Norway required

4 January 2014

Urgently required: English tutors to deliver three different short courses at intermediate and advanced level plus a technical course. The advanced level will include a technical element. Technical Materials will be provided.

The tuition will be delivered at the premises of our client: We have not yet received the exact location but know that it will be in the Ulsteinvik, Ålesund Brattvåg and Bergen area. In order to limit travel expenses we would prefer to recruit a tutor for the Ulsteinvik, Ålesund and Brattvåg and another for Bergen.

English, advanced & technical terms:

The delegates handle English well, written and orally, but wish to perfect their English, including General technical terms.

Course duration: total 8 hours

English – intermediate:

Course duration: total 12 hours

Technical English: Course duration: total 18 hours

Review of technical words and expressions used in daily work. Specifications, manuals, instruction materials, manuals, etc.

We are expecting further assignments with similar demands.

Please send CV to or for further information please contact Brigitte Peach by email or by phone under +44 1476 594154


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