Are you an interpreter?

Languages for Life is always keen to hear from experienced interpretersWe are always keen to hear from skilled interpreters and linguists

As the business world continues to grow, there is a constant demand for interpreting and language work over an increasingly diverse range of cultures and languages.

As such, Languages for Life Ltd. would be pleased to hear from you if you are an interpreter, translator, language tutor or skilled linguist wishing to join our team of talented individuals.

Please state your language(s) and language combinations and your specialist interpretation fields where applicable, along with your minimum work rate (with hourly rate if applicable) and your price per 1,000 words source text.

Interpreters – please get in touch

Send us your CV with the names of two referees, and we will look into the possibility of adding you to our list of interpreters.

After submission of invoices at the end of a month, we pay our translators and interpreters within 30 days of receiving an invoice.