Build trust with language localisation. Our localisation skills can help you introduce your products successfully into a completely new marketplace.

When you’re working in another country, it’s vital that you use the right vernacular, colloquialisms, idioms and popular culture references that your audience will understand and trust. This is known as localisation, or localization, and we can help you achieve the right balance to communicate clearly and effectively with your audience.

What is localisation?

Localisation goes beyond just translating the words. Our translators understand the culture, customs and habits of the country and language they are working in and can help place your products into the culture and emotions of the people you are targeting.

This might include advising you on:

Cultural workshops for your business

Perhaps your team need a better cultural understanding of the countries with which they are working? In which case our Cultural Workshops can give them the confidence to deal effectively with their foreign colleagues and customers. We can work with your team either in groups, or on a one-to-one basis, or even over the phone or internet to help educate them further about the culture within which they are now working.

Our clients have also found our Cultural Workshops very useful when employing non-native English speakers from overseas, as we can help integrate them quickly and efficiently into the British commercial culture of your business.

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