Natalia Yarwood

11 August 2010

I have been learning German language with Languages for Life Ltd. for 4 years. Learning a foreign language based on a two-hour session a week can be quite tricky because any language is a “living organism” that needs to be practiced every day. A special attention needs to be paid to setting time for home work. As a full-time employee with family and other commitments finding time for homework every day is not always possible. Nevertheless, I find weekly group and one-to-one tuition sessions are well structured with variety of activities practicing all aspects of language: reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking. Languages for Life Ltd. employ qualified linguists and native speakers with teaching qualification. The up-to-date teaching materials and media are used in tuition and the structure of the course is tailor-made based on the purpose of learning a foreign language and individual abilities of the learner. Teaching sessions are held in a friendly environment in a flexible format which is well motivating. Whether you are learning a foreign language for GCSC or A-level, for business purpose or just for fun the individual approach of the Language for Life Ltd. tutors will help you to achieve your goal.

Natalia Yarwood

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