Greek & Latvian Voice-Over Artists

18 November 2014

Health & Safety Video in Greek and Latvian

Our client has produced a Health & Safety Video. They asked us to translate the script into Greek and Latvian. As soon as the translated scripts will have been signed off, native Greek & Latvian Voice Over Artists will record them. Our voice-over talents will receive a copy of the original video. This enables our Voice-Over artists to deliver top quality recordings.

We are looking for Male Native Greek & Latvian Voices

We therefore require native male Greek and Latvian voice-over talents, young or middle aged adults. The Health & Safety video is approx. 10 minutes long. The voice files will have to be delivered in .wav format. Is this project for you? You would record the script in your home studio ensuring a very high sound quality, then deliver the recordings to us online.

Although we are currently looking for male native Greek and Latvian Voice Over Artists, we are building up our Voice Bank. Should you like what you see and would like to work with us in the future, get in touch and/or send us samples of your voice recordings.

Please send us sample voice files and your rates per recorded, edited minute to or use contact us.

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