Professional foreign language voiceovers from Languages for LifeIf your audience is global, then you should be speaking their language. A foreign language voiceover can be vital when you are communicating with your audience via promotional film, video or animation.

Professional voiceovers in any language

We can provide professional foreign language voiceover services for your corporate videos, or voiceovers for health and safety videos and manuals, ensuring that not only the wording and intention is correct but also that the most appropriate language accent is chosen to suit your target audience.

Or perhaps you need either audio prompts, dubbing subtitles, or a foreign language film translating back into English? If so, Languages for Life can help you.

Pitch perfect – every time

We will work with you closely to understand your voiceover project, what it is you want to achieve and then we can suggest the best solution for you, whether that’s a specific dialect, a male or female voice, and or the correct choice of pitch and tone.

We can also help with translating the script either into your chosen language or into English.

Why not contact us for a free, no obligation quote for your foreign language voiceover needs today?