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We can offer several types of interpreting services, depending on your exact translation requirements. We have experience in interpreting in over 150 different global languages.

Affordable simultaneous interpreting from Languages for Life
Simultaneous interpreting from Languages for Life

Consecutive interpreting – extremely useful for one-to-one meetings and small groups of people. The interpreter will listen to the conversation and either summarise or relay the gist of it to the group.

Simultaneous interpreting – mostly used for conferences, teleconferences and meetings. The interpreter will listen to the conversation, process the content and try to relay the meaning in real time. The interpreter can provide discrete ‘whispering interpretation’ in person during the meeting, or the interpreter can listen to the conversation remotely and provide the meaning to the audience via a microphone and headphones.

Telephone interpreting – if you need to know exactly what your colleague or business client is saying, then our telephone interpreting services are for you.

Onsite interpreting – sometimes you just need someone with you to ensure your meaning gets across clearly. We can provide you with a personal interpreter who will accompany you to business meetings or on business trips to provide language and interpreting support.

On demand phone interpreting – if you need urgent and immediate interpreting services, then visit Interpreting for Life for more on how we can help you.

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